Automatic Dampening System

In order to obtain better and higher flour, it is necessary to fix the wheat to a certain moisture value. The humidity sensor measures the amount of water (moisture) present in the passing product. In order to bring the required moisture to the system, the target moisture content should be determined according to the amount of flow of the material in the system, and accordingly how much water should be calculated and transferred to the system.

■ Measurement and display of humidity and hectoliter of wheat
■ Calculation of target water amount for the required humidity
■ Water is automatically supplied to the system according to the calculated values
■ It is connected to flow control unit of wheat to automatically add water according to wheat flow changes,
■ Alarms against errors in the system,
■ Possibility to connect several humidity and hectolitre control systems to the PLC system,
■ Possibility to control automatically or manually from the servo valve.
■ The amount of water passing through the system, and the total amount of water consumed, is accurately measured by means of an electronic counter.

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Características Generales
Código de Producto OTAV 1000 OTAV 2000
Tipo de Producto   Trigo Y .Etc.Materiales granulares Trigo Y .Etc.Materiales granulares
Precisión de Pesaje ±%0,1 ±%0,1
Presión del Sistema 6-8 Bar 6-8 Bar
Suministro de Airea 1 m³/hora 1 m³/hora
Fuente de Alimentación 220 VAC/50-60 Hz 220 VAC/50-60 Hz
Clase de Protección IP54 IP54
Peso 130 Kg 130 Kg